Cleaning out Mom’s garage during Thanksgiving produced something more than a walk down memory lane. It was a full Swan Dive into some of history’s most intimate and dark and sweet and unknown places. Tucked in a shoebox with pictures and cards and and a P.O.W. bracelet inscribed with Capt. James Nasmith, was this letter to me from dad. Written to me on my first birthday. He was far away, working quietly, clandestinely, in Laos as we prepared to enter a conflict that would change us all. He knew it was possible that he might not return. I learned more about him in these three pages than I did in all the days of his life with me as my father.

DadsLetter - Version 2


April 13, 1962

Dear Son,

I am writing this on the occasion of your first birthday. It will be many years before you will be able to read and understand this letter, but perhaps someday, when you have a son of your own, you will know what I mean and why I take this method of telling you.

At the moment of this writing, your dad is many thousands of miles apart from you, in a tiny, war-torn country call Laos. My purpose in being here, instead of by your side on your birthday, is in some ways rather complicated. In final analysis, I am her to insure that you and others of your generation may grow and prosper in peace. It is my prayer that you will never have to bear arms against your fellow-man, nor be apart from your son, as we are. 

If, for some unforeseen reason, I never have the pleasure of watching your tottering steps; hearing you call me “Papa” for the first time; teaching you to play catch; and all the other little things that a father looks forward to; takes pride in, and thanks God for–then let this letter show you my love, hopes, and fears for you.

Having been born from a love that was surely conceived in heaven, it is a certainty that you will grow to be the man of whom your mother and I may always be proud. Always remember that what gifts you possess started in your mother’s womb. I will expect you to honor, respect, and watch over her in my place. I want you to know that no man was ever so blessed with a wife as I. Our love was a wondrous thing, and she made me the proudest and happiest man on the earth. When it comes time for you to marry, I ask only that you look for the qualities which make your mother so dear. Don’t look with your eyes–but with your heart. Once you have chosen, love without reservation or question.

When you have reached manhood, face life squarely–admit your fears and rise above them, and never compromise your self-respect for some imagined gain. Temper your life with the knowledge that you are one of God’s children, and live it as He would have you.

I enclose a picture taken this date. When you look at it, remember that I loved you very much, and I am grateful that God saw fit to grant me a son such as you.


Major Carmon Logan Keyser, USAF April 13, 1962
Major Carmon Logan Keyser, USAF
April 13, 1962


5 thoughts on “Buried Treasure…A Birthday Letter from Dad

  1. Wow. What he must have been going through to make him think he might not make it back. One will never know. What a great piece of himself to leave to you.

  2. Sean, I just read your blog. Tho we have spoken and I have been blessed to meet your mother, I have no words to describe the soft tears rolling down my face at this moment. You are soooooo blessed to have the parents and love you have been shown in this life and continue to carry in your own life to others. I am awed by this, as I have not been fortunate enough to have it spelled out that simply for me. God Bless you and thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow Sean, This is so incredible! What a touching letter! He didn’t have to worry about how you would be when you grew up! He would be so very proud of you, I have cried through this whole letter! What a treasure for you to cherish. Your Dad was so special! Share this with Logan. Love you,

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