Dawn Chorus and the Chipping Sparrow’s Hello

It was just after 6 a.m. The air was crisp and cool. I sat with legs crossed and eyes closed in a quiet reverie while joining Joe Dispenza for a Generous Present Moment. As with any meditation, I acknowledged the thoughts boisterously seeking my attention, the feel of the breeze — a leftover of the previous day’s clashing of pressures high and low — the sounds of distant traffic and the birds.

The goal is always to be aware of my sentient state but to move beyond the distractions and practice intentional presence and the topic of the moment. Or to nothing at all and just be…empty.

But this morning, the Charm of Finches and the Host of Sparrows were in a full-on Sing-Off. These harbingers of Spring decidedly opened the day in rhythmic and melodic fever. I resigned to the anthem and paused my virtual meditation muse. My attention went to the dawn chorus.

The Chipping Sparrow’s song was soloed in quadruple meter with exactly 5 seconds between each verse. Her greeting went on for over seven minutes before finally handing off to another feathered suburban dweller whose response was from a distance and was less about cadence and much more freestyle.

I smiled and let the breeze carry their chorus through the woods and up to the patio and right to my thankful listen. There was a flutter. It was close. For a moment, I thought to duck and cover. Then silence. I opened my eyes to find one of the sparrows perched on the wooden table next to me that held a cup of coffee that had long since lost its heat. I looked down and said, “Good Morning.” She bobbed her head quickly from side to side, lifted quickly, and flapped back to the trees to join her Breakfast Club.

Good morning.