I listened to an interview on NPR recently where the guest looked back on his life and contently said, “I have no regrets in my life.” His comment stayed with me.

I can’t imagine a life without regret. Despite how beautiful it might be, are there things I wish I hadn’t said or done? Rhetorical to the extreme.

logan chasing sea gulls
logan chasing sea gulls

I regret not spending a million more moments with my precious kids.

I regret the times my selfishness and flesh hurt those I loved. I regret not getting to know Dad. I regret not having the self-confidence to follow my passion versus a logical career track (although I am thrilled with the current state).

I regret that the depth of so many friendships was left wanting. I regret unkind words leveled at those I love regardless of reason for argument.

I regret spending more time building than experiencing.

I regret that I didn’t attend the funerals of some who made a difference in my life. I regret not writing the songs I wanted to write (though I am making up time now).

I regret I didn’t take that lay-up my junior year against Port Saint Joe.

I regret that I didn’t read more fairy tales to Logan and Chelsea. I regret that I didn’t take the leap into politics, just to see if I could have made the difference others told me I could. I regret I didn’t live in the mountains.

I regret so little, all things considered, but they haunt me. My glass-half-full side is saying, “What are you waiting for?” I am only fifty-percent through my years (based on my scientific calculations and determination). Stop regretting, dude. Get with it and learn!

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