It was one of the last remnants of a previous life. It just didn’t “fit” anymore. I’ve found that I am more contemporary than rustic; aesthetics beyond comfort. This old couch and chair and ottoman were physical reminders of a good, but misplaced life.

I took pics and dropped them on Craig’s List. Within an hour people from all over were calling saying the set was “perfect,” or “just what we are looking for.” Two hours after posting and agreeing to price sight unseen, this unassuming, friendly guy drove up with trailer in tow.

He asked if I minded hearing his story about the furniture. “Of course not,” I said. Jim went on to tell me that he is a man of faith. Recently separated and moved into a place near a pond where he could fish and enjoy the woods.

“I decided I wanted to find a brown leather sofa and chair…it matches my personality.” He went on to tell me that he had had no luck in his search and was getting a little frustrated since he had a new place and hardly any furniture.  He had narrowed his search to a dozen or so possibilities and wasn’t thrilled about any of them.

“I shut down my computer and prayed about getting furniture. Really, I prayed for furniture. I booted up and there was your post, FIVE MINUTES LATER,” he exclaimed. We exchanged stories of our lives. He offered some cash and we loaded the set onto his trailer. We shook hands and said something about maybe fishing one day. I felt like a weight (literally and figuratively) was lifted. Some element of psychological capacity opening even more. A little sad as a vestige of many good days was moving to a new home. Glad to have more of “me” filling the spaces left.

The next day Jim texted: “It is exactly what I wanted. It’s me!”

Funny how our things come and go. Some things end up in the trash or in a garage sale or with Goodwill or on a list. Some things are moved as a part of letting go. Here, those same things became a part of starting over for another. A proverbial Circle of Life, or leather, if you will.

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